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Riding at Night

In the fall, dark aproaches about the same time you arrive home from work.

  • A typical quality 15 watt headlight system will allow you appx. 2 hours of burn time.
  • You should buy a helmet mount light first. The light goes where you look. Handle bar mounts shine where you steer. The handle bar mounted light is a great addition to the helmet mount
  • Don't focus the light too close to your bike. 20-40 feet works well as a starting point. You will train your eyes to scan between the dimmer bike area and the hot spot in a few minutes.
  • You will learn to ride relaxed. If you are tense you will see the light shaking.

    WHAT THE MANUFACTURERS DON'T TELL YOU is that you will loose depth perception. It's hard to tell the diffference between a 4 inch drop and 10 inch drop. RIDE LOOSE and READY.
  • Riding in the dark will heighten your awareness. You'll ride on constant alert. The exhillaration is awesome.
  • A good rechargeable headlight system will cost between $130 and $250 and can give you the riding time that you may be looking for.
  • They recharge in roughtly 3- 6 hours and will last for years.
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