Most directions originate from Cranberry Twp. PA.
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Alamed Park - Butler County

There is single track with moderate technical sections. A few severe climbs exist as the trails work their way across the hills down to the lower section of the park. Additional trails exist across the road near the pavillion.
From Route 422:

Take the Lydora exit. At the light turn left onto New Castle Rd ( Route 356)
Travel appx. 4 lights. Turn left onto Alameda Road. A Burger King will be visible at this intersection
Turn right at your first stop sign to enter the upper section of the park. Stay left and follow the road to the end of the parking lot. A trail will be visible from the wooded edge of the lot.
From I79

Take exit 29 (Butler exit). Turn left onto Route 422 East. Follow the above directions from Route 422
From Route 8

Take the Lyndora exit (Hansen Ave.)
Follow Hansen Ave. until you come to a T. Turn left onto onto New Castle Road. (Route 356).
At the Burger King turn right onto Alameda Park Road. Follow the above directions from Route 422

Hartwood Acres

Middle Road entrance:
Travel Middle Road and park in the lot between Middle Elementary School and the Hartwood Amphitheater. Once on your bike exit the lot away from Middle Road. You will begin a gradual descent across fields. Take the access road at the bottom left of the field. This road will only be appx. forty feet long. You will enter another field. Follow the road to the left. After the road turns to your right look for a trail entrance in the left side trees. Enter and bear to the right at your first intersection. Turning left will bring you behind Middle Elementary Ball Field. Your next split will offer two options.
Following straight will take you into a dense technical area full of logs and tight corners.
Turn left and then right to bypass the technical area.
You will eventually encounter a fire trail. Head across the fire trail and slightly either right or left and you will find entrances to the same trail. Proceeding further you will cross a small stream and enter more single track. If you take the first left you will enter winding and hilly trail that will lead toward the mansion. If you proceed straight you will intersect another fire trail. Turn left toward the mansion or right to access the park road behind the amphitheater. A small trail entrance is on the opposing side of the fire trail. It consists of winding single track and small rocks. There are many single track trails branching from the mansion area trails.
Option 2
Enter the park and park in the first lot on your right (near the mansion).

One of several trail entrances begins near the Mansion. Across the street from the tent buildings you will find and entrance in the trees. Proceed straight through the first trail intersection and then turn left at the T. You will eventually need to cross a street. Proceed directly across the street and you will find winding single track suited for medium to advanced riders.

Riding on the street toward the park interior and away from the parking lot you will find a road that cuts downhill on the lefthand side. This will lead you toward the horse stables. Proceed until you encounter a rusting metal sculpture on the left hand side of the road. Near the sculpture (on the downhill side) you will find a cut entrance on the left. Follow this entrance uphill and proceed to just below the top of the hill. On the right hand side you will find a log and single track that will proceed in several directions. This trail terminates near the amphitheater.

Location: Brush Creek Park - Beaver County

Travel north on Route 19 into Zelienople. At the Kauffman House turn left onto 288/588W. After crossing raillroad tracks and a bridge, be sure to bear left at the Y to remain on 588W. You will have to make a sharp left turn at Duffy's tavern to stay on 588. The entrance to Brush Creek Park will be a few miles further on the right hand side. Total distance from Cranbery Twp is 16 miles.

Once into the park you can find several riding trails. One trail originates from the right side of the road directly across from the entrance to picnic area #2. Look for several metal pipes projecting from the ground (to block vehicles from the trail). Enter at that point. You will have a one half mile climb before the ridge trail. At the first 'T" make a left down hill to the covered bridge. Another trail will branch to the left of the bridge base. Follow this until you encounter 2 additional bridges. Cross the last bridge into picnic area 3. Exit Picnic area 3 to the left and enter picnic area 4 on the right.

A short and easy trail links from picnic area #4 back toward the entrance of the park. Stay to the left once you have entered area #4 and go past the chained road block.

There are additional trail entrances hidden at picnic areas 5 and 7

As you exit the park another trail can be seen through the trees. It is not particularly well marked. It is located several hundred yards on the right before you exit the park.

Location: Cranberry Community Park

Low difficulty, short trails.

Travel north on Rt 19 and turn left just before the fire station entrance. Proceed past the stop sign and park at the far right parking lot. The entrance to the "Nature Trail" is located in the rear right corner of the park. Riding in this area is shaded and mostly flat. If you explore you will find three points that exit from the park into fields. Following the center exit will lead you into a field. Continue riding up the hill and underneath the high tension power lines. This portion of the trail is mostly cut grass, but will eventually become a trail shrouded by trees. Marking posts painted red at the top will help you identify the trail areas.

Moraine State Park Mountain Bike Trail rear entrance

NOTE:Technical terrain not recommended for beginners.
Find your way to the intersection of routes 488 and 528 in Prospect PA. Travel 4.3 miles north on 528 past the "Upper 528 Boat Launch" in Brady Twp. Shortly after the boat launch area (appx 1/10th mile) turn left onto Lindey Road. Proceed cautiously as there are unfenced cattle crossings on this road. Travel this road 1.9 miles to a "T". At this "T" turn left onto Alexander Road and proceed 1.4 miles. This road usually has large potholes and loose gravel. A parking area will be present at the fire trail/power line and at the end of the road. Numerous trail entrances appear along the fire trails as well as at the end of the road. The riding is technical with plenty of rocks, roots, and logs.
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